2014.04.09 Mercer Park Slough

Went on a walk today and took pictures with my phone. The macro on this thing is pretty good, though i ended up focusing in the middle a lot, whoops

Discovery Park 2014.03.23

We took a few shots in the trees for ideas for cosplay shots later. Then we stumbled upon freedom an eagle.

Carkeek Park 2013.12.29

(tried to get the crows in flight this time!)

Horizon/Sunset photos from today at Carkeek 2013.12.29

The second was taken through a chain link fence hence the distortion on the left.

Carkeek Park, 2013.12.01 (the derpy ones)

Carkeek Park, 2013.12.01

Shots from Discovery Park 2013.11.17

Carkeek Park, 2013.11.10 - Part 3

Carkeek Park, 2013.11.10 - Part 2

Carkeek Park, 2013.11.10 - Part 1 (My Favorites)

We went down to Carkeek this afternoon and fed the crows grapes and bits of granola. The seagulls were being bums so we had to scare them off.

Hey I was taking a look at your John Winchester journal (it's fab by the way) where did you get the leather journal part? by grantairesunderwear

I’ve had a bunch of people ask this question and I figure I should just actually make a post >_>;

I literally just went and bought a leather journal that had an outer case that slid off, and then modified it so it would look similar enough to the one in the show. The one I grabbed is THIS ONE from B&N. I know a handful of people who are making them as well and are making the outer shell themselves, which I want to do eventually, but this is good for now.

Second set of photos from Carkeek Park, morning of 09.04.2013

We wandered down to the beach after eating breakfast, found some ducks, and then I couldn’t stop using the macro. We some dead crabs, and lots of lovely snails!

A collection of some of the birds we met at Carkeek Park, morning of 09.04.2013

The crow in the lower part of the set was a sweetie and loved our offerings. She was wonderful company. However the seagull was a grump and wanted our crackers. What a bum.

More pictures from Discovery Park, 2013.08.24

Interesting on how the sky was a slightly different tone depending on my settings and whether I was in shade or not.

Fireworks, July 4th, 2013

Some of my favorite shots of the night!