Altair armour

I’m not even going to lie, I have no idea how to do leatherworking or metal work, so this is how I faked Altair’s armour.

Chest Piece:

I quite literally made this out of Model Magic. No lie. I put a flat section of it down on a triangle of illustration board, trimmed the edge, then very carefully following the picture I had on my computer, rolled out tiiiiny slivers of the modeling clay and put them on top of the triangle. That’s it. It’s the simplest thing ever. I painted it silver, then painted the lower bits with some black to make the raised parts stand out. I coated it in glossy Mod Podge then set about attaching it to the leather.

I used fake leather, but I gotta say, the fact that it had fabric on the side against my costume made it so the chest piece actually stayed in place, which was really nice. Yay friction!

I attached the triangle to a piece of “leather” with brads. The piece of leather had extra on the corners of the triangle to wrap around metal rings, which in turn had the straps wrap around the opposite sides, all attached with brads. It’s really simple. I found this method from a guy who made video tutorials on Youtube. If you do a Google search for ‘assassin’s creed costume’ and his site will come up. It’s really easy and helpful for a basic costume!

I will probably redo the triangle piece in the future, because the modeling clay I used, though light, is brittle and I’ve cracked the hell out of it, so yeah. Oh well, that means it looks aged!

Arm Guard:

This piece was a little trickier, but quite fun. I wanted to find something already shaped so I got a plastic girls soccer shin guard from the store and ended up using that. I filled the spots that had raised and lowered bits with 3D paint (I think) and then drew the outlines of the pieces and cut them out.

I cut the out with an exacto knife. Clearly, I didn’t learn my lesson from the Apple incident. The first 3 finger tips of my right hand were numb for 3 days.

Once the cutting was finished, I sanded the edges and got down to business. I painted the pieces silver, then did quick sketches of what I thought the raised parts of the metal looked like from images of Altair, and from other images of people who had also made them. I ended up going by the printout of a blown up picture of Altair’s arm in a hi-res wallpaper.

I painted the black onto the pieces freehand, doing the outline then filling in the black parts. The middle piece is not symmetrical, and though I tried to fix it, I didn’t get it quite as close as I could have. I also painted that piece upside down for some weird reason. When finished painting, I coated them in glossy Mod Podge, then attached them to a leather piece brads that I eventually had to glue down with hot glue at the con because I was moving around so much and they popped out.

If I redo this piece, I would either move the “metal” pieces to a new piece because the brads weren’t effective and it was clunky, or I would just redo it entirely, and try to make the metal pieces out of something that didn’t have any inconsistencies in the surface, because filling in the shin guards was kind of ridiculous, but at least it worked!

The second time I wore the costume, I ended up putting velcro on the sleeves and arm guards because they kept sliding downward with how much I moved all day.

I hope this was helpful! My way is not the only way, but maybe people will get good ideas from my trial and error! 

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